This blog is about my personal experience with grief and the awakening journey that came with it.  I offer it as a gift of help and comfort to you, as you deal with the death of your loved one.  After I lost someone very dear to me, I began journaling. This is my story offered from that journal.

 It’s a journey that has taken me from grief to unexpected joy, to full blown belief in something more magical than I’d ever imagined. And along with it came my own stunning transformation, which continues to this day.

 As I share my experiences, and blend in detail with where I am today, it is my hope you’ll take away ideas and new learning that will help you through your own process.

If you’ve also found yourself deeply into a “spiritual awakening”, you’ll find my blog helpful as well. Often a passing of a loved one can ignite this process, as it did with me.

In beginning your reading, I suggest starting with the “About” page. Then for best understanding, move in chronological order with the first post of February 25th, and forward from there as you would any book or story.

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Wishing you love and light in your journey forward.

– Carolyn